Is TF-CBT Right for my Child?

Trauma-Focused Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) was developed by Drs.  Esther Deblinger, Judith Cohen, and Anthony Mannarino. TF-CBT is backed by 18 years of research and 25 scientific studies. Overtime it has been molded into a treatment model that helps children respond better to trauma related symptoms. 


TF-CBT integrates several approaches such as CBT, Attachment Theory, Family Therapy, Developmental Neurobiology, Empowerment Therapy, and Humanistic Therapy. It can can be used with many different types of trauma such as physical abuse, sexual abuse, war violence, exposure to domestic violence, natural disasters, and traumatic grief.


With a response rate of about 80% it’s no wonder this treatment model has received endorsements from The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, SAMHSA, the National Registry of Evidence-Based Programs and Practices, U.S. Department of Justice, and the California Evidenced-Based Clearinghouse. 


Due to stigma, children can sometimes believe they deserved the trauma or that they’re a bad person, which can lead to unhealthy coping skills. Other symptoms include depression, anxiety, anger, fear, guilt, hyper-vigilance, isolation, disruptive behaviors, and much more. 


Recommended For: 

  • Children ages 3-18 years-of-age

  • There is evidence of trauma

  • Difficulties related to trauma

  • Possess a memory of the trauma


Not Recommended For:

  • Children who are actively suicidal or homicidal

  • Acting out in dangerous ways such setting fires

  • Using substances

  • Living in an unstable environment

  • Have no memory of the trauma

  • Have ongoing contact with the perpetrator of the abuse



What to Expect:

  • Treatment takes place in about 12-16 sessions. 

  • Baseline measures and post measures to track progress in treatment 

  • Individual counseling with the child, caregiver sessions, and conjoint sessions with both child and caregiver. 

  • Parent training and feedback on how to communicate with your child about trauma

  • Training in relaxation skills

  • Safety education for children

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